A century of risks and a methodology to classify and manage them

Poorly-defined risks are often badly managed

The first step to effective risk management is better risk classification.

The Five Quadrants tool helps define and classify risks, enabling conversations that ultimately lead to better controls.

The Risk Repository helps us better manage risk by learning from the past.


About Us

Claudia Zeisberger

Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise Academic
Director, Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI) INSEAD

Claudia Zeisberger is an Author and Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise at INSEAD, the global business school; she is the Academic Director of its private equity centre (GPEI). Before joining INSEAD in 2005, she spent 16 years in global investment banking, which shaped her thinking around risk management and turnaround situations. She regularly advises institutional investors, Family Offices and SWF’s globally on asset allocation and risk management questions, and helps corporations improve their risk management processes.

Her books Mastering Private Equity – Transformation via Venture Capital, Minority Investments & Buyouts as well the corresponding INSEAD case book Private Equity in Action have become the standard textbooks. She is a mentor in the Google Startups Accelerator programme and advises young entrepreneurs and their startups during their journey.

Full CV here.

David Munro

David manages a systematic behavioural quant Hedge Fund, manipulates demographic data to better estimate the future and has discovered his efficient frontiers of physical risk in aerobatics, polo and the martial arts.

Previously, David was CEO of Volatility Research & Trading where he developed demographic and volatility-based investment strategies for insurance companies, banks and investment dealers and co-founded a long/short volatility hedge Fund.

David moved to Asia in the early 1990’s to head a derivatives desk for UBS, shifted to Sanwa/UFJ Bank in 1997 where he was Head of Trading and Sales and then dove into the Hedge Fund space in 2003.

David has lectured at INSEAD on volatility, demographics, risk management and big data.

Adam Rouhana

Received Sylff fellowship in 2019. Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: Co-Founder & Chairman, Diyalo Foundation; Take-5 Scholar; Wharton MBA Exchange; INSEAD MBA

Adam is Co-Founder and Chairman of the Diyalo Foundation, a nonprofit promoting sustainable economic development in Nepal by providing access to free high-quality primary education. Before Diyalo, Adam served as COO of TarDisk, a hardware technology startup incubated in the Harvard Innovation Lab. Adam earned a Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester and was awarded a Take-5 Scholarship to study the democratization of North Africa. Adam earned his MBA from INSEAD in 2020 as a Sylff Fellow.


Stella is a musician turned management consultant and a (soon-to-be) graduate of INSEAD. When she is not working with clients on matters related to Digital, large-scale transformations, and social impact, she is probably surfing on a remote beach or trying to find the best coffee in town.